Introducing WallJAM – The rebound wall revolutionising sport

Rapitypes has recently been tasked with helping Renfrew Group take the WallJAM design on to the next stage. RGi are focusing on design for production, improving ergonomics (target acquisition) assembly and style. The single panel was displayed at the Youth Sports Trust (YST) Exhibition in Telford and was well received by Schools and Sports Colleges.

Interestingly the app and sensor based technology encompassed within WallJAM is directly aligned to the recommendations stemming from YST’s new study, the “Class of 2035”. This predicts what changes have to take place over the next 20 years if children are to actively engage and participate in school sport. Design and final prototyping of the new system is underway.

WallJAM is an interactive rebound wall that is designed to deliver data based on the power and accuracy of a ball strike against an array of sensor based targets. It offers users a new way of training and offers the perfect platform for improving performance and technique.

The wall, connects with an app on the user’s phone which allows players to book and play games, upload and compare results and review historic performance data. Such is the excitement surrounding WallJAM it has already attracted a great deal of attention. After successfully testing the pilot at the The Harefield Academy, the company has been shortlisted in the Daily Telegraph Sports Technology Awards in the Most Promising Concept category.

LED display

The Central display utilises the very latest in LED display technology ensuring clear and easily readable graphics on even the brightest of days. These displays are the same as those used around the pitch on premier football grounds as are also more than capable of withstanding ball impacts and extremes of weather. These displays are many times brighter than conventional LCD/LED monitors and do not suffer from glare issues when viewed in direct sunlight.

Composite panel construction

The main chassis is constructed from a composite material to ensure strength and resistance to impact and but to also be lightweight to aid transportation and assembly. The panel consists of a 28mm polypropylene honeycomb core bonded between 1.5mm GRP woven glass roving skins. This construction makes the panels:

  • Rigid and Structural
  • Impact Resistance
  • Water and Rot proof
  • Resists Acid and Alkalis
  • Easy to Cut and Fabricate
  • Easy to Paint and Glue
  • Easy to Vinyl Wrap


Rapitypes supplied the make and build facility to Renfrew Group in delivering a working wall for presentation and trials.

To aid buyers on the choice and size of unit right for them and to help articulate the possible payback, WallJAM have developed the cost and income calculator which can be seen on theirWebsite.

To find out more about Rapitypes involvement with the project – Please call 0116 2536591 orEmail.

To find out more about WallJam, contact Tim Worboys on 0203 411 0818 or to contact their press office, please contact Darren Isted at Jabbercoms on 0330 9001777.