Rapitypes works with TP Toys

TP toys Bubble--Bouncer
TP Toys -CAD drawing
TP Toys -CAD view

Rapitypes helped TP Toys by devising the mechanism for the bubble generator in the Bubble Bouncer.

Our design is very cost effective and quiet in operation. The drive mechanism uses magnets which not only allows for silent operation but simplifies the removal and re-fitting of the bubble solution container. This also removes any potential finger trap concerns.

TP Toys is part of the family of Mookie Toys the home of the UK’s No1 outdoor toy, Swingball. Mookie Toys is a great British toy company, with a reputation for innovative design and excellent quality. RGI have worked with TP and Mookie since 2010.

For more on the Bubble Bouncer – Please visit the TP Toys website,Or to watch the product video click here.