Sales of the NMR MQC analyser from Oxford Instruments exceed expectations


NMR MQC analyser

In many industries there is a requirement to accurately, reliably and simply measure the amount of a viscous or liquid component in the presence of other solid materials. The bench top NMR MQC analyser addresses a range of industry-specific Quality Control requirements using proven, reliable and simple-to-use technology that avoids the need to separate the different phases.

The MQC makes sample preparation trivial, removes the need for extensive operator training and provides fast accurate results, meaning a more consistent product from manufacturing operations, better process control, and reduced costs.

To mark Oxford Instruments 50th anniversary, the company have launched a new look and new branding to their product range. The MQC series analysers were both given a make-over which required new enclosures to carry the new branding. These enclosures are designed to be robust, easy to clean and problem free, so as not to detract from the smooth operation of the instruments.

Cue Rapitypes, the advanced manufacturing support company based in Leicester, who began by lending assistance with the design of the components to make them suitable for low volume manufacture, subsequently went on to provide polyurethane production parts using Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM).

Rapitypes also introduced Oxford Instruments to the Rapi-Coat finishing system, a cost effective technique for achieving a high quality, extremely tough and repeatable painted surface straight from the mould. This technique achieves chemical bonding between the paint and the PU substrate leading to excellent wear resistance and consistency of thickness. It also ensures that the painted surface is precisely to the CAD data – in other words there is no net gain in the overall size of the part.

Finally, the surface coating can be applied to a typical ‘paint texture’ applied as a texture to the tool surface – the resultant part has the appearance of a post painted part, but with absolute repeatability and high surface integrity.

Rapitypes supply tens of sets of components into Oxford Instruments on a regular basis utilising reusable delivery containers. These not only help reduce unnecessary packaging overheads, but make a big impact in terms of reduction of the carbon footprint of manufacture.