CNC Machining
CNC Machining

Rapitypes is an advanced manufacturing support company providing clients with services from development models and prototypes, through tool making and rapid prototyping to low volume manufacturing of polymer and PU parts.

CNC machining clay models
Precision checking
Large Scale CNC Patterns

From initial ideas generation to the delivery of complete working systems, Rapitypes provides a wide spectrum of supporting activities to clients in automotive, aerospace, marine, defence, industrial, medical, and general products.

The company serves a worldwide client base with high quality products for physical testing, verification and production. Our disciplines cover design support, mechanical engineering and CAD, electronics design, modelmaking, product prototypes, fabrication, CNC machining, plastic moulded components, RIM polyurethane, and batch manufacturing.

We have teams with advanced skills in production engineering and the facilities to deliver cost effective, scaleable production. We routinely supply parts and complete products in low volumes, and can also deliver a turnkey engineering-to-production service from our extensive facilities.(Rapitypes is an ISO 9001/2015 company)

Although offshore costs may sometimes be lower, Rapitypes produce quality tooling at highly competitive rates and reduced lead times.

Our in-house tool manufacturing facility produces moulds ranging from small development tools with hand loaded cores and inserts, through to small and medium volume production aluminium and P20 tooling. The company also makes medium to large scale tools for RIM polyurethane components including automotive parts, and large housings for scientific equipment for example.

The design facility also boasts comprehensive metrology equipment including CMM machines and surface plates in each of two automotive styling studios, and comprehensive tool room inspection facilities.