With the support of a fully equipped pattern making facility, CNC machining, plastic welding, fabrication assembly and a fullsurface finishing facility. Rapitypes can supply models and prototypes and low volume production runs for virtually any low cost panel, enclosure or individual component requirement.

Rapitypes also has an extensive engineering design resource and can lend assistance with the design of a project.

Rapitypes can deploy a range of materials for vacuum forming patterns, each specific to a particular design requirement. The choice of cast resin, model board, low melt alloy, or aluminium is dependant on lead-time, choice of moulding material, and the call-off quantities required.

Materials include ABS, HIPS, PC, and PP and all are available with various surface finishes including textured, gloss and matt and some can also be sourced in clear or mirror finish and in a range of colours.

The size of formings Rapitypes can offer ranges from less than 450mm x 450mm, up to 2300mm x 1150mm.
Components are fully CNC trimmed to a given CAD model and to help with logistics, Rapitypes offers a complete package of assembly and metal fabrication to suit most production requirements.

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