Design and Production Engineering

Production engineering concerns the development of a product and its’ integration with the manufacturing process to ensure the most effective implementation.

Rapitypes can begin by suggesting ways to improve the prototype in terms of its function, but we can also engage our design engineering team to carry out engineering analysis on the product in relation to a given manufacturing route.  This work can pay big dividends in terms of the elimination of waste, the increased speed of manufacture, the best use of materials and the conservation of energy and other resources. We can recommend and then implement changes to enhance the likelihood of success, suggest where the product might benefit from an additive rather than a subtractive approach of manufacture, and put forward proposals for lean manufacture.

The Rapitypes design engineering team includes those with manufacturing experience in a wide range of industry sectors and across a swathe of process types. The team is also completely conversant with the vagaries of intellectual property and can assist with ensuring the best matching of function with description should the process of manufacture differ from the intended route.

Project Management

Rapitypes can assume responsibility for the entire project management, the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to ensure the successful completion of the project.  Our CRM systems and quality control routines ensure that the project is delivered to the client on budget and with the right quality, but we also offer additional assistance with the tertiary sub-contract tasks.

(Not to be confused with program management, which for the most part will rest with the client).

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