Our sister organisation Renfrew Group International (RGI) offers seamless progress and total integration of the product development process from consumer surveys through user modelling and brainstorming to styling, engineering and production– adding real value at each stage but at all times keeping the product simple and straightforward.

Connecting product development to customer
RGI creates products which really inspire and connect with the customer. The customer is at the centre of the product development process and an in-depth understanding of the customer through research delivers the design direction needed to connect.

Human centred; RGI’s work is about humanizing technology; putting the user at the heart of innovation drives technology towards better products.

Delivering real, usable and commercially valuable innovation is at the core of much of their activity. The blend of technologists, designers, electronics developers and manufacturing technicians gives them the highest credibility and capability to deliver complex solutions within simple, appealing designs.

RGI has a structured approach that employs unique methodologies, tools and techniques for design ideation. This process, involving the design team, clients, target consumers and other stakeholders, uses this interaction to inform and explore all the options from ground level innovation to product evolution. And whilst extracting the maximum benefit from this collaborative stimulus to creativity, the team also uses competitive benchmarking and analytical techniques in identifying problems and finding effective solutions.

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