Presentation Models and Development Model Making

Rapitypes has offered its unique blend of services for many years now, but in addition to the latest Layer Manufacturing Technology, Rapid Prototyping, and CNC machining, we still supply hand-built presentation models for marketing, size evaluation, exhibitions or advertising. We refer to this activity as development model making and to the output as space models, block models or concept styling models, often built without the benefit of CAD data. We can follow or interpret hand-drawn sketches, or sculpt free-form presentation models for ergonomic evaluation under simple verbal instruction.

Rapitypes also offers a full surface finishing service to photographic quality standards as part of our development modelmaking service. A comprehensive range of effects are available from electro-plating, spray-painting, to water-transfer graphics and special coatings.


Development model making also includes building working prototypes for field trials and testing, production line trials and presentations at product launches and exhibitions. These presentation models can range from simple static working units to comprehensive radio or computer program controlled automatons.

The combination of a dedicated team of modelmakers and a fully equipped development model making workshop facility can produce presentation models, prototypes, rigs and working animatronics in a range of materials. Backed by our in-house electronic design team and laboratory test facilities, Rapitypes cover the entire spectrum of a typical product development programme.

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