Triumph had a great platform to begin re-inventing the Sprint ST. They evolved the design by retaining the essential cues of the original, such as the three aperture venting, and the triple element face. The result is a sleek look, which is functional yet arresting. Rapitypes created the initial CAD data from which the full-scale buck was built and the clay modeling was completed in our auto studio. Following sign-off we re-scanned the model and created the A and B CAD surface data for all visible surface components. We also supplied Triumph with 18 prototype RIM bodywork sets and instrument parts.

In 2005 Rolls-Royce motor cars launched the Phantom Extended Wheelbase. Adding 250mm to the length of the original chassis required a new set of components to replace the existing interior centre roof panel, door panniers, D post finishers and HVAC ducts. Rapitypes was contracted to supply batches of high impact, flame retardant, polyurethane RIM carrier components for the interior roof and doors, which were subsequently trimmed in leather by Rolls-Royce before fitment to the vehicles. The HVAC air management ducts were produced using Rapitypes’‘Roto-RIM process. Roto-Rim is a form of roto-moulding, which can produce highly toleranced hollow and tubular components in polyurethane.  Rapitypes continue to supply these parts to Rolls-Royce motor cars.

The X Sport, for competition vehicles, uses a 7-segment LED display to display values directly from sensors, from a Pi Data logger or an ECU data stream. In standalone mode, sensor maximum and minimum values and lap times are available in the dash when the outing comes to an end. Rapitypes was commissioned to provide the injection mould tooling and component parts for the case and the control buttons and to supply these as assembled enclosures. The contract also includes batches of finished units in various colours and applied textures including Carbon Fibre and soft touch finishes.

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