When considering low volumes of housings and enclosures, the scientific equipment industry has hitherto been compromised by the high costs of tooling and the less than attractive minimum parts volumes required to justify the initial expenses.   As a result their options have often been restricted to fabricated sheet metal, or vacuum formed panels over a metal chassis.

Well there are now far more options available including in-mould coated RIM PU (reaction injection moulded polyurethane).

Rapitypes is a major provider of RIM PU parts and enclosures for the scientific sector, where robustness, precision and high quality, are all a prerequisites. The company takes the client’s CAD data and provides a turn-key delivery of finished housings ready for final assembly of the internal components.  Housings and enclosures are typically in-mould coated which provides a robust, high quality and consistent finished to all parts. The finished surface can be specified in any colour and this can also extend to the base material thus ensuring the colour remains even if the surface is abraded of scratched. We also provide strategies for RF shielding including coatings and mechanical shielding, whilst sealing gaskets, cable glands, mounting feet and vibration insolation features can all be incorporated into the parts directly from the moulds.

Finally, we can supply parts as assemblies with printed logos and information panels, bright-work attachments and metal and plastics trims.

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