Automotive Engineering

We have within our group a team of design engineers with experience in automotive engineering and motorcycle design. Clients with projects in this sector can be confident that their automotive projects and prototype parts will be addressed by those with considerable knowledge of the discipline. We have the capacity to create designs from an initial brief or take pre-existing solutions through to production data suitable for volume production. Stress analysis, FEA, design for assembly and assistance with homologation issues are all part of the service we can offer.

Vehicle assembly techniques

Todays vehicle build and assembly techniques require the parts to be orientated in car line yet produced in mould orientation. We have considerable experience in the design and engineering of parts for automotive assembly and can often identify ways to improve the parts for tool simplicity and longevity without compromising the function or appearance of the finished component. Parts such as interior panels and closures with hidden fixing details can be a problem when it comes to providing prototype tools at a cost effective price. We can often provide temporary solutions which reduce the complexity of the prototype tools by introducing loose cores and hand eject mould parts, so delivering production intent parts, but at a much reduced cost.

Our approach is very much based on the premises that good design engineering applied to a prototype solution can invariably lead to a better production design as well. Saving on materials, reducing tool costs, improving assembly techniques and incorporating flexibility into potential vehicle build sequences.

Projects have ranged from one-off mobility scooter prototypes and motorcycles, through low volume pilot car runs, to batch volume production vehicles, mainly in the luxury and niche sectors.

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