CAD – 3D Computer Aided Design

CAD Expertise

Rapitypes can also help ease a project forward with CAD and Virtual prototyping.

Our extensive design engineering resource is on hand to assist with every aspect of product realisation including manipulation of scanned data and the associated downstream work required to produce useable CAD data.  The company has a number of CAD software systems in-house including Pro Engineer, Solidworks, Rhino, Inventor, Alias and Delcam and we export and receive ProE, Catia, STL, IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF, IPT, 3DM and PRT files. We also offer a CAD repair service where received files contain missing or corrupt surfaces.

To take full advantage of our range of services, we ask that our clients submit a solid CAD model of the component. With 3D data, the entire process from quotation to final product is faster and reflects more accurately the design intent.  For those without a design resource, Rapitypes can convert 2D data or even paper drawings, to a 3D solid CAD model. As part of the process we also recommended that a rapid prototype model is built to verify the geometry prior to data hand over.

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual Prototyping is a process by which products and environments are created through computer generated modelling techniques. These are rendered to simulate photographic images of a product or component in its own environment. 3D models of photo-realistic quality can supplant actual photographs of real objects and scenes, and in some cases these images are all that’s required to make a professional judgment about a new product. Clients occasionally augment the physical modelling process with virtual prototypes.

The 3D models used to create these images can either be created from scratch or, as is often the case, can be imported from the client’s own CAD files. The environments themselves can be created from scratch, through modelling a scene, or by overlaying the model onto a photograph, and then adding environmental effects to create the illusion of reality.

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