Patent Breaking

Products incorporating a novel concept are more successful in the long term, but a clever idea is only as secure as the protection offered by the patent description. With our multi-discipline capability, we have successfully challenged patents or created new and different ways of achieving the desired result without infringement.

Our team is well versed in the art and we can demonstrate a number of examples where we have allowed our clients access to an otherwise closed field through IP circumvention.

We would be happy to receive descriptions of existing ideas or references to existing IP in order to find a new approach which is in itself also protectable.

Patent Applications

We have long standing relationships with some of the UK’s leading Patent Agents and we also understand what makes a good patent description more secure than another. We can in the strictest confidence review your new idea and offer our advice before you approach the Patent Agents.

These clinics have in the past resulted in more focus and less risk to our clients’ interests.  Please contact us for a review consultation.

Market Research

Rapitypes has conducted market research for clients in many disparate fields. Net research, clinics, polls and structured interviews can all be incorporated into a market research plan.

We have for example researched the industry on behalf of a manufacturer of volumetric cement mixers, discovered what a typical fire brigade requires in terms of their protective helmets and found the causal link between a bench-mounted engineering structure and the non-performance of a pilot production line.

These are just some of the ways in which our engineers have helped to keep our clients ahead of the game.

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