So before a new idea gets anywhere near the development phase it has to be tested to see if the principle actually works!  Proof of Principle models or POPs are a vital part of the product development process.  Sometimes our clients make the POPs themselves before approaching us to build more substantial prototypes, but invariably they also ask us to provide this service as well.

Proof of Principle models require an approach which is distinctly separate from the one we use to build regular prototypes. For a start POPs have to incorporate features which can be adjusted or reconfigured – they must have in-built flexibility to accommodate changes requiring the incorporation of different hardware, or the use of materials not specified at the outset. Above all they must be robust enough to allow for various changes without failing under test and they must yield sufficient data and feedback to inform the next stage of development.

Of course none of this is guaranteed unless the team building the proof of principle model has the experience of development rig building and this is where the Rapitypes engineering and model making teams excel. We always approach the assignment from the point of view of creating flexibility and adaptability in the hardware. This ensures that the work we do and prototypes we provide will give the greatest return on investment and the most useful data for the downstream development activities.

We’ve provided this service to clients in general product design, engineered solutions, electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical systems, mechanisms, sensors, fluid handling, bio-sample diagnostics, power transmission, gas analysis, energy conservation and harvesting, materials exploitation, repurposing existing materials and in combination with others, tooling methods, moulding processes, finishing and handling and general manufacturing processes.

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