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Why Rapitypes

As a Rapitypes employee you will work with a peer group of talented people, on a diverse range of projects, providing solutions that deliver real commercial benefit for our clients.


We’re constantly seeking exceptional people to join our team, from engineers and model-makers to production personnel and business developers. If you like what you see, get in touch – we will always make room for talented individuals.

Career development

We have schemes to support your career development which might well cross disciplines such is the vibrancy of this dynamic environment. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a new graduate, we can create a personal career pathway that suits your ambitions.

As our greatest asset we value our personnel very highly and go to great lengths with bespoke training and mentoring to ensure every individual thrives within their environment. Formal training is also augmented by informal group sessions designed to enable knowledge and skills transfer between team members.

Contact Us

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