Medical products demand intense rigour and the use of the appropriate standards during batch manufacture and packaging. Rapitypes works with many design houses, university spin-outs and mainstream medical device companies in providing them with parts and assemblies for clinical trials and low volume production. The company also carries out work for sister company RGI including medium volume manufacture of class 1 medical products destined for the NHSBT. (see images below) In this particular assignment, Rapitypes supplied moulded plastics parts and assemblies,  and a batch of tubular metal , fabricated chassis and trolley units which are now used all over the UK with the NHSBT mobile blood collection service.

But we are not restricted to large scale products, our assignments have also included the assembly of clinical trial units for the InSmart artificial pancreas, and batches of working units of a peritoneal dialysis machine. We are currently providing trial batches of a new surgical device for fistula surgery and fully assembled and populated diagnostic devices for a hand-held, OTC parameter analysis machine due or launch in 2016.

Of course there’s more to Batch Manufacturing than simple mouldings and part assemblies. Rapitypes can provide working components and electronic boards and assemblies as part of the package. In the recent past we’ve supplied breath analysis machines, a batch of hand pupilloscopes, and a suite of ozone disinfection machines or use on hospital wards and operating theatres.

We’ve built, tested and supplied suites of electronic medical products for use at the POC in a general practise setting and supplied sub-assemblies for over-the-counter products. Our labs and assembly areas are capable of handling many build and assembly projects simultaneously.

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