Andor technology zooms in on global growth


West Belfast-based Andor Technology has said it expects to achieve multimillion-pound export sales for a pioneering microscope after an investment drive in research and development supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

The business specialises in the development and manufacture of high performance scientific digital cameras, microscopy systems and spectrographs for academic, industrial and government applications.

BC43 is a Benchtop Confocal Microscope and represents disruptive technology in the industry.

Claire Greenwood, director of engineering at Andor Technology, said: “With our BC43 product, we are targeting new markets and seeing interest in regions we have not previously sold microscopes into. Since its launch, we’ve received sales enquiries from over 50 countries and have sold units to Saudi Arabia, the US, China, Japan and South America.

“The product has been particularly well received by pharma organisations and smaller universities, many of which do not have the space or budget for larger, more complex and expensive systems. This initial success has encouraged us to set an ambitious export sales figure of £20m in the first three years and we are confident that we can achieve this.”

She added: “Invest NI has been an invaluable partner to us over the years, assisting us to focus on increasing the skills throughout our entire workforce and growing their knowledge in the areas of leadership, operational excellence, improving sales opportunities and around new product development. This has been critical to our recent growth.”

Andor Technology was founded in 1989 as a spinout from Queen’s University Belfast and has built its success on a focus on innovation and developing ground-breaking products. Based in Springvale Business Park, Belfast, it was acquired by Oxford Instruments Plc in 2014.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI’s director of innovation, research and development, said: “Andor Technology is committed to carrying out targeted strategic research and development to maintain and strengthen its market position.

“The success of the BC43 product to date and its potential for future worldwide sales are testament to the wisdom of that approach.”