Integral Feature Moulding for PU parts

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Rapitypes is a manufacturing technology company with extensive in-house batch manufacturing facilities. Many of our clients hail from the automotive or medical and scientific sectors, and our output includes the supply of parts directly to the production lines of some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

However, the company’s roots are in product development and rapid prototyping, and we still regularly provides our clients with advice, engineering consultancy and complex rigs and fully verified prototypes.

The company has for many years pioneered the practical application of in-tool assembly and in-mould coating for its output of polyurethane reaction injection moulded parts.

We were the first company to provide fully finished PU parts straight from the tool complete with a cosmetic coating. These finishes were, and still are available with smooth or textured surfaces in any colour or matched to the base material colour. On its introduction in 2010 it was seen as a minor revolution in pre-finishing, and has over the intervening period substantially reduced the cost of painting PU parts whilst vastly improving the quality and appearance of the finished surfaces. Parts are also offered with coating solutions such as ‘soft-touch’ and ‘high energy’ for grip and impact resistance, and all can be screen or tampo printed in the usual way.

These developments have allowed the company to reduce the turnaround time on parts and assemblies, ensure the consistency of the surface appearance from batch to batch, and guarantee dimensional accuracy – particularly important when coated parts are mated to other structures.

Integral Feature Moulding
Moulding for PU parts

Integral Feature Moulding

So it may come as no surprise that we have now turned our attention to technologies that can provide’ in-tool features’ such as moulded-in glands and sealing faces, gaskets, support feet and vibration isolation mounts in RIM moulded components.

Integral Feature Moulding for PU parts
PU parts

These new features are available on A and B surfaces and on the edges of parts. The base material and the feature material can vary in shore hardness and can be moulded in the same colour or dissimilar colours to suit our client’s needs. Because the features are created in the tool they become an integral part of the moulding with all the benefits usually associated with twin-shot moulding on injection moulded parts.

These new developments add to the facility and accessibility offered by in-tool technologies, making final assembly more accurate, more convenient and faster to implement. The new features can be specified together with the in-tool coatings so providing our clients with a fully finished, sub-assembled component straight out of the box.

With clients looking for ever greater quality and convenience there’s no wonder that there is so much interest in this right now – please contact us for more information.