Rapitypes and WIPAC – Breaking the mould to deliver practical, quality visual inspection gauges

Modern automotive light units are complex assemblies of many individual components and have to fit exactly into apertures in compound 3-dimensional shapes in the vehicle body. Ensuring their consistent manufacture to exacting tolerances is essential in today’s demanding market.

WIPAC, a specialist lighting manufacturer supplying light units to premium automotive clients around the world, have traditionally used high cost, high precision CMM gauges for measuring a small number of components picked off the production line, but this was proving too time-consuming and expensive to pinpoint components outside the required tolerances.

Working together with Wipac’s quality control engineers, Rapitypes produced a series of CNC machined “go/no go” gauges which are simple and quick to use both during production and at the end of the line. Any distortion or deviation from size and shape is immediately visible, without having to resort to the highly-skilled digital evaluation of individual parts. This means that 100% checking is possible without incurring a time and cost penalty.

The Rapitypes simplified gauges have been proven to reduce quality control failure rates to almost zero, have significantly cut labour costs and have improved quality control throughout the production process – an improvement which can be replicated across many other sectors outside the automotive industry.